My love for photography comes from a passion of art and essence, the very soul of each creation that I make...I dance with both sides of the camera. My passion can be found in each photograph I take. When I am behind a camera I feel alive, complete. My desire to tell a story within each photo can be seen through out my work. I don't focus on one genre, or style. I find beauty and simplicity in all things and in life. I love classic black and white but wish to exfoliate in the use of vibrant color and seek out abounding energy thru every photoshoot.

I am client focused. I listen and ask the necessary questions. In turn, I produce a brilliant final product for my clients and models. Each photo shoot is a unique experience that will cater to the needs of those that have hired me.

My philosophy "If you're not having fun at your shoot, then why do it? Photo shoots should be stress free and fun for everyone."